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Asombrosa Elisa

Year: 2021

Directed by Sadrac González-Perellón


Death December

Year: 2019

Directed by Sadrac González-Perellón

House Of Sweat And Tears

Year: 2018

Directed by Sonia Escolano

Produced by Paco González, Sadrac González-Perellón and Javier Gómez

Awards / Selections:

House of Sweat and Tears in the top 10 best foreign horror films of 2018 by Bloody Disgusting

CANNES (Frontièrs)  /Official Selection

Fantastic Fest /(World Premiere, Finalist)

Falcon International Film Fest (London) / WINNER: Best DIRECTOR, Best FEATURE FILM, Best ACTRESS

Brooklyn Horror Film Fest / Official Selection

Lusca International film fest (Puerto Rico) / Official Selection

Knowville film fest/ Official Selection

Fantaspoa/ Official selection/ Finalist

Oniro Film awards / Winner “Best Director”/ Best Feauture Film

Braunschweig International Film Fest / Official selection

Panic Film Fest / Official Selection

Prisma Independent Film festival (ROME) / Official Selection


Rencontres des Cinémas d’Europe (FRANCE) / Official Selection

Lof Film Fest / Official Selection

Fant Bilbao (Spain) Finalist

Portrait of a windup maker

Year: 2014

Musical awards:

Short animation movie winner at the Jerry Goldsmith Music Awards

Nominated for bes original music at Festival de Cine de Fuentes del Ebro

Other awards:
Dublin Animation Festival - Honourable mention
Holywood Moving Pictures - Winner July 2016
Monfilmat - Best animation movie

Barcelona Film Festival - Gold Lion award

Plymouth Film Festival . Best animation movie

Festimage - Best experimental/animation movie

Anim!Arte - Honourable mention

Rewind Festival - Best Short movie

Shortcutz - Best short animation movie 2015 / Best animation movie (December 2016)

Cortogenia - Best art direction

Certamen de Cortos de Bujaraloz - Best animated short film

Festival de Cortometrajes Rafal en Corto - Best no-fiction short film

Certamen de Cine Lento - Jury award

Shortcurtz Amsterdam - Best short film November 2015

Festival de Cortometrajes de Vitoria_Gasteiz - Best animated short film

Festival de Cortometrajes Aguilar del Campco - Jry special mention

Festival de Cine de Cartagena - Best photography

Concurs de Cinema I Vídeo de Navàs - Best animated short film

Enkarzine - Best animated short film

Ko&Digital / Festival Internacional de Cinema Solidari - Best animation short fil about social issues

Festival de Cine de Fuentes del Ebro - Best FX & nominated for the best short film, best original music and best production desing

Epic Acg Fest - Best animated documentary

Publicystyka Film Festival - Best short film

Festival Internacional de Cine de Ponferrada - Retina Award best short film of architecture

Animainzon - Audience special award and jury mention

International Film Music Festival of Spain - Best original score for an animation short film

The Indie Gathering International Film Festival - First prize micro animation

Avilacine - Best animated short film

Zarajos Deluxe

Year: 2014


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